But, what is coaching in production?

Boosting Businesses

Boosting Businesses

In short, it is among the best methods to understand the team, to put people in the right place, to work together towards the organization’s goal and at the same time to keep their motivation high.

But how can you do that? Knowing everyone’s personality!

We can further define workplace coaching as a leadership strategy aimed at addressing workplace goals. It also empowers employees to achieve these goals.

– Coaching is not a repackaging of management skills.

– Coaching deals with the growth and development of employees, unlike management, which deals with supervision.

– Workplace coaching is not counselling or therapy.

– Coaching involves creativity, action and performance, while counselling involves listening and empathizing with an employee.

– Workplace coaching is not mentoring or consulting.

– Coaching goes a step further to allow employees to create their practices and resources.

As many large organizations are discovering, the traditionally used “command and control” management style no longer works in today’s environment.

Today’s environment requires quick response, resilience, increased creativity, individual effort and performance. These aspects are what will make an organization remain competitive.

Workplace coaching provides employees with career or professional development and satisfaction. In return, it helps retain the most valuable employees.

Training employees at work in terms of performance, rather than managing them, makes them more engaged in their work. They are also more dedicated to achieving organizational goals.


Why is coaching critical now and in the future?

– For organizations, change will be the norm moving forward. Also, team and organizational success will depend on resilience, individual and team performance.

– The essence of production coaching is that it leverages individual skills and strengths for maximum team performance.

– Coaching is essential because it provides timely, tailored learning. It also provides direct on-the-job learning.

– Coaching is a great way to engage employees in an organization. Organizations thrive more with engaged employees than with disengaged ones.


The effect of coaching in production:

– Improve interdepartmental collaboration

– Improve communication

– Increase employee accountability

– Confidently delegate tasks

– 20% more sales

– 41% lower absenteeism

– productivity improved by 15%

Aren’t these the kind of results any manager would like to see in their teams?

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