Production audit.

We provides production audit services to assess compliance, productivity and performance, based on best practices on over 17 years of production experience and best practices. Audit services from goods flows, production processes, order taking processes, productivity and process planning to KPI and employee performance audits.

Types of production audit:

– KPIs and procedures

– Production processes

– Lean and Toc technics implementation

– The operation of machinery and used machines

– Flows of goods, information and documents

– Production planning


What happens at the end of the audit?

• Description of the current situation and proposals for improvement for the points presented;

• Deadlines for implementing the measures and proposals presented;

• Estimated financial assessment of financial and operational losses;

• Estimated financial evaluation regarding the financial benefits after the implementation of the proposed measures;

• Operational proposals regarding streamlining processes, reducing costs, improving control, measurement and data recording processes;

• Proposals regarding changes to the IT system (as applicable).


In order to carry out our activity, we must have access to the following:

– Reports and other data relevant to the project;

– Our presence in the company to be able to observe and understand the processes;

– Availability of people for discussions during the period established for the audit;

– Access to the IT management system (if applicable);

– Project team, project coordinator within the company to make things happen as we set them (meetings with people, providing information and reports in the agreed time and formats, access to equipment and facilities, etc.);

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