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For the new era productivity, we put all these methods together to create a totally production excellence and performance management system based on real KPI’s needed to meet your company goal.

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Mr. Florin Medesan, the founder of Raise Your Standards, always caught my attention in the Lean Six Sigma courses he attended, because he happily combines the vision of a leader with the rigor and attention to detail of a process manager. Together with the RYS team, he is oriented towards continuous improvement, towards increasing performance, rare and much needed qualities in the period we are going through. I recommend it without reservation, to any organization that wants not only to survive, but also to compete at the highest level.

Constantin Stan

Lean Six Sigma, RPA, BPM, Design Thinking, Managing Partner Enviso


Florin Medesan is an experienced production manager with experience in continuous improvement methodologies. Together with the RYS team, he has a comprehensive approach to manufacturing performance improvements that ensure fast results. Also, together they have the ability to develop the vision of process changes to stabilize productivity gains already achieved. I recommend Raise Your Standards for productivity improvement projects.

Didier Varlot

Industrial and Risks Expert | Business Continuity Expert | Theory of Constraints Expert


For those who think operations and quality are at odds, Raise Your Standards is proving them wrong.

My career with Florin Medesan, CEO of Raise Your Standards, crossed paths for a short period, he as operations leader and I in the role of quality manager. It was so easy to work together, even when facing difficult problems. His consideration of all opinions before making decisions, his solution-oriented thinking showed that maturity has nothing to do with age. I am convinced of the impact of Raise Your Standards on the national and international business market

Alexandru Cucu

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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