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The role of business management consultant is to assist production clients in resolving their company’s challenges, issues, or to successfully complete the projects. Having their skills, with their ability to analyze information, identify the right path for each company, they can bring considerable results in a wide range of production industries.

Production consultants are usually individuals or are part of consulting company, with more years of experience in one or more production departments and having management positions in these departments. And then they apply this insight to other companies as a service by presenting recommendations and set a schedule for implementing improvements.

A production consultant may work with several clients simultaneously, spending only a few hours per week on each. To solve a more difficult problem, they may be brought in for three months on a full-time basis. It all depends on the goal of the company and the challenge it is trying to solve.

A consultant’s job is to solve a client’s most important challenge and then prioritize what is most important one, and so on.

Sometimes we are involved in the launch of the production process.

Sometimes we are involved in the design of the factory or the choice of the right equipment.

Other times we are there identifying and solving the most important situations.

Sometimes improving production processes or just to audit the production process.

The end result is always the same… Projects that are delivered on time, under budget and meet the initial KPIs we set together.

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